Idris plugin: how can I close the bottom panel?


I just started using Atom because of its support for the Idris languge. One of the main features of the Idris package is a bottom panel with various information about the code being edited:


I open that panel all the time, with various shortcuts, and I’d like to close it with Esc, just like I do with the find & replace panel. But Esc does not work and I cannot find a shortcut that does.

Is this something that should be added to the Idris plugin? If so, can you point me to where in the code should I start looking?


When activated, Idris creates this list of commands. In order for a keybinding (like esc) to exit the view, either a specific toggle command needs to be created, or Idris needs to listen for core:cancel, which it doesn’t.

I would make an issue on the Idris repo and ask for them to make the view respond to core:cancel. There’s an example of a component doing that here (that component is the stock modal list, the same component that you see when you activate the Command Palette or select a language).


Thank you! I have created the issue and will try to send them a PR, if I can find my way around the codebase.