Idea: Browse Changed Files


I just had the idea of a “⌘/ctrl + P for changed files”.

Basically, it would be exactly the same as regular browse files, except that it would display only files with changes in them. That would actually be really useful to me.

I’ve never developed a package with Atom, so I have no idea how difficult this would be to pull off. Any ideas ?


I believe, if you are talking about changes in a Git repo, that the functionality already exists. Check out ⌘ + Shift + B, which is the Fuzzy Finder: Toggle Git Status Finder. Behaves just like the File Finder (⌘ + P) however it seems restricted to changed files from what I can tell.


Wow! That’s awesome!
Although - right now, when I try to open a file from cmd+shift+b the editor hangs-up, so there might be a bug there. Anyway, I’m sure it’s going to be fixed soon. Cool!