Ide-python autocompletion issue

Hello everybody,

I’m new in ATOM community and I configured ATOM for HTML and Python IDE. For Python, I installed ide-python package. Everything is working well excepted autocompletion in particular conditions.

i.e: if I do an
import os

When I type “os.” I can see all possibilities. If I hit enter or tab, i.e. for “abort()” completion is done fine and result is:

But for some other texts, for exemple “print”, when autocompletion box open, if I hit enter or tab it keep previous characters and does not replace complete word.

i.e: I type “P.R.I”. Autocompletion propose “print”. I hit tab or enter and result is priprint. It kept P.R.I. I changed trigger for autocompletion from 3 characters to 2 characters and it does same thing but with 2 first characters : prprint


As I am new with this IDE, would I do a mistake somwhere?

I tried with HTML completion and I do not have the same issue. Autocompletion replace first letters and insert complete word.

Thanks for your support.

I found solution on ide-python github repository. :slight_smile:

It’s an issue in version 1.7.1. If I revert on 1.6.2 version, issue is solved.

apm install ide-python@1.6.2