IDE-PHP encounted an error using php runtime


Please help me


What about what the error message says? Do you have PHP 7 installed?


Yes I have php 7 installed … I used the atom normally, but out of nowhere it gave this error


Errors don’t happen out of nowhere. When does the error appear? When did it start? What version of Atom and your OS are you running? How long ago did you install PHP 7? Have you used ide-php, specifically? When did you download ide-php? What happens when you open the command line and type php -v? What happens when you use a terminal package or process-palette to execute php -v from within Atom?


After having done the tests all I came to the conclusion that it no longer recognizes the php that comes with the xampp


Okay, but unless you tell me what the results are, I don’t know what you know.