[ide-haskell-master] Cannot find module 'jquery'


I successfully installed Atoms for Win7. Then I wanted to set https://atom.io/packages/ide-haskell.
I downloaded https://github.com/chaika2013/ide-haskell/archive/master.zip, since this package is not found in the Atom. Then, I unpacked the archive in c:\Users\User.atom\packages\ , following the steps required ide-haskell - installed Haskell packages (ghc-mod,stylish-haskell), add package configuration in config.cson. But Atom informs "Cannot find module ‘jquery’. Failed to load the ide-haskell-master package " (red box). Of course, I know about jQuery, but whether it is needed? And how to connect jQuery to the package (or Atom)?

I apologize for the verbose message and poor English.


You should open the directory (C:\Users\User\.atom\packages\ide-haskell) in a terminal, and run apm install. This installs the package’s dependencies, such as jquery.


Thank you, a red box has disappeared, but Autocompletion not working. When I type in the source file, for example, “i”, I issued autocompletion menu, but an attempt to select a menu item ends insert code “import Module${2/.+/ (/}function${2/.+/)/}”. Autocomplete-plus package has already been installed after the installation of the atom.

However, it does not work in any of the claimed ide-haskell, except for syntax highlighting, which, as I understand it, is performed language-haskell.

I’ll try to ask the author of more ide-haskell.