I'd love to integrate My2ndGeneration into Atom


This isn’t a commercial, I’m genuinely excited about getting my hands on Atom, but of course I’m a windows guy. I am already executing web technology in a fat client via the My2ndGeneration Desktop which does code generation via Handlebars. I am executing real JavaScript on the client with full JavaScript support.

It’s free @ http://www.my2ndgeneration.com/DesktopDownload.aspx of course you can do all of this in the cloud too. But I find bringing the web technologies like handlebars.js and such down to a very responsive native client is extremely powerful. The moment we get an Atom Windows client I will set about adding this as an add-in and literally build My2ndGeneration into Atom.

I signed up for the beta yesterday, hope to get my invite soon. I’d probably be willing to purchase a hosted MAC to get started on this as I’ve done that before.