I'd like to report an issue / request an enhancement for Atom – where on GitHub do I do that?


First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute! :confetti_ball:

Atom is a massive project with hundreds of active repos, so it can seem a little daunting at first to navigate, especially when all you want to do is open a new GitHub issue.

Atom is an extremely modular project – most of the features you use on a daily basis are provided by bundled packages, and not by Atom core. Even features that you probably think of as being “core” or “central” to any modern text editor (like find & replace, or tabs, or a file browser) are actually provided by separate packages with their own GitHub repositories in the atom org.

To get a sense for the packages that are bundled with Atom, you can go to Settings > Packages within Atom and take a look at the Core Packages section:

Atom is also designed to be easily themeable – all of the UI you see in Atom is ultimately styled by your active theme:

The idea is to keep Atom core as minimal as possible, to facilitate a wide array of modular packages adding features only as needed, whether by the Atom core team or by the community.

Guide for posting issues


  • Basic text editing (ie. cursors, selections, scrolling)
  • Text rendering
  • Editor rendering
  • File system operations (like saving)
  • Network operations related to the above
  • Indentation
  • Installation / update issues
  • Anything related to the core API
  • Large, overarching design proposals


  • Issues publishing packages
  • Issues with atom.io
  • Anything to do with the apm CLI tool


  • Syntax highlighting issues that only appear in one language


  • Issues with autocomplete for one language

atom/one-dark-ui / atom/one-light-ui

  • Issues with the default UI (that is, anything but the text editor)
    • NOTE: ui repos only provide styling - it’s possible that a bundled package could be ultimately responsible for a UI issue.


  • Syntax highlighting issues that appear in many languages, but that disappear if you change to another syntax theme.


  • Anything that doesn’t fit into the above criteria is probably provided by a bundled package - try searching through Core Packages locally for the package that best fits the issue you’re trying to open.

Community Package

  • Because Atom is so extensible, it’s entirely possible that a feature you’ve become accustomed to in Atom or an issue you’re encountering aren’t coming from a bundled package at all, but rather a community package you’ve installed.
  • Each community package has its own repo too, so you should be able to find it in Settings > Packages and open an issue there.

For more information about posting great, informative, helpful issues, take a look at Atom’s Contributing guide.

If you ever have any questions about where to post an issue, feel free to ask here on Discuss or on Slack and someone in the community will help you out. :slight_smile:

I'm having a problem with Atom. What are the standard debug steps?
Where to file bugs?

Very nice introduction.
I would add that, before submitting an issue, it’s possible that reading through the Debugging page may help a user solve the problem themselves, or otherwise provide guidance on what information to provide when opening that issue.