Icon Image Sizes And Correct Format


Hey Everyone,

Im getting ready to package my application and I want to know if anyone had any information on what sizes and formats are the best to use for Mac OS and Windows. Thanks in advance for your help!



To figure out the proper icon format, I downloaded an app built with Electron, copied the icon for that application, and then used that as a template. I run Linux though, so I’m not sure what the format is for Windows and OS X. However, I’m sure you could use the same strategy that I employed. Try looking at Microsoft Visual Studio; that’s what I studied to figure out how to get my icons to work on Ubuntu.


Hey crispytx,

Thanks so much for your reply! That’s a great way to go about it as well as locating which icons will go where. Such as menu bar, or task bar, etc. One of my main concerns are higher density screens such as retina displays and what not. Do you have any information on that? Thanks again for the reply !



No, I’m sort of a newbie myself. Good luck & happy hacking adilanchian!