I386 deb build


thanks for Atom.

As there are build for debian x64, would you be so kind to also provide i386, for people running on older hardware (for instance Celeron M processor), aka non PAE kernel.



To my knowledge, there are no plans to make official 32-bit builds for Linux. I believe that some people have had success building from source, however.


I’ve just built an i386 version of the newest Atom on… Intel Atom (Atom running on Atom seems like a good idea).

Here’s deb file if you’re interested to try it http://akak.usermd.net/atom-1.1.0-beta1-i386.deb


There is a PPA for Ubuntu: https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/ubuntu/atom/+packages


To be clear, there is not currently an official Atom PPA.


Of course.
And I never said there was an “official” PPA. I said there was “a PPA.” That was quite clear, and, this unofficial PPA is quite useful for people unable/unwilling to run 64-bit Linux.
And of course, it’s a great pity there’s no “official” 32-bit version from Atom/GitHub.
But that’s one of the things wrong with Atom, and a topic for another time :slight_smile:


Yes, you said there was “a PPA” which leaves unspecified its official or unofficial nature. Which is why I felt the need to specify it so that there was no question in others’ minds who might happen upon this topic days, weeks or months later.

I didn’t say it to be snarky. There has been some confusion in the past, so I put little notes like this in place to try to help prevent it.


Hello! If anyone is still interested in i386 build, I’ve just made one. My laptop died a week ago and I needed to work on older one for a few weeks.