I want to use Atom as a note taker with simple text formatting - is this possibl? Any hints on how?


I’m not a programmer, but I’m not totally unfamiliar with code. Still, the customisability of Atom appeals to me, so I’m hoping to use it in another way: for taking and organising notes. Kind of like a radically simplified OneNote (no embedded images etc), but with some basic text formatting (size, bold, italic, etc).

markdown-preview doesn’t quite fit the bill at first glance because it requires two windows to be open - I want something simple, hopefully even with the customary keyboard shortcuts for italic/bold/underline.

I haven’t found any evidence of anyone online using Atom like this, but should it theoretically be possible? How? Could anyone recommend any packages?



Because of how Atom displays code, having differently-sized lines is out of the question without a substantial package project (it’s doable, but would take work). Anything else that you can dictate through CSS can be implemented in a syntax theme, however that only works if the person who designed the language package (one of language-gfm or language-markdown, in this case) decided to make a difference between, for example, italics tags and bold tags.



:thinking: {Have I seen this question somewhere before?}

From your description it seems more as if you need a word processor. Writing text in Markdown does give formatting but in ‘coding mode’ it is not as you would want it.

Personally I prefer using a spreadsheet for notes. I like having control on the width of the columns to put out different levels. But then much of what I need also have some mathematical equations between.

More so… I use colouring of text and cells to highlight priorities and importance; going beyond simple text formatting. Some text manipulation and calculation can be achieved via formulas which I use regularly.

Currently I use LibreOffice on Windows for this purpose. A sample unrelated to your question bit to highlight my thoughts: