I want to learn Electron, what are the prerequisites?


Hey everyone.
I’m a future apprentice engineer in software development, I’ve mainly learned Java during my studies. Today, I want to make desktop application using Electron for personal projects. In order to do that I already learned HTML/CSS and JS basics.

Here’s the main question :

What should I learn now to make a soft jump to Electron?



With some basic understanding of HTML and Javascript you could already start.

A great starting point is the Electron quick start as well as the Electron API demos.

Make sure to read up on the concepts of main and renderer processes.


@ragFX Thx for the fast reply, but nodeJS’s basics are not required?


I definitely is good to also have a basic understanding of Node, but you’ll also be able to pick it up on the go :slight_smile:


That’s all I wanted to know. Thx again.


I agree with @ragFX, in fact, it’s probably a good place to become acquainated with Node for future projects.


Hold on, I have to recommend this more detailed quick start over the one linked above.

The one above does have a link to that detailed version, but I would hate for you to miss it.

Note: when you see __dirname, that is a predefined global variable. It’s not documented on that page but it should be. Don’t replace it with anything, instead you should leave it there.


You can learn Electron.js from these curated resources.