I want Ctrl-Tab to work like it used to. How do I do that?


In Atom 1.14 or later

An option was added to the tabs package in Atom 1.14 to restore the original behavior:

  1. Launch Atom
  2. Open the Settings View using Cmd+, on macOS or Ctrl+, on other platforms
  3. Click the Packages tab
  4. Search for “tabs”
  5. Click the Settings button on the tabs package card
  6. Uncheck “Enable MRU Tab Switching”

In earlier versions

Add the following to your keymap.cson:

  'ctrl-tab ^ctrl': 'unset!'
  'ctrl-tab': 'pane:show-next-item'
  'ctrl-shift-tab ^ctrl': 'unset!'
  'ctrl-shift-tab': 'pane:show-previous-item'

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