I started learning programming 2 days ago.. i created this test program which converts celsius into fahrenheit, it worked exactly as it should be, but when i tried to put a limit on the fahrenheit converting limit it give error


def convert_celsius_into_fahrenheit(fahrenheit):
converted_value = float(fahrenheit) *9/5 + 32
return converted_value
c= -459.4
if float(input) > c:
print (“Error In convertion”)

fahrenheit = input("Type Value: ")


Hello, these are the Atom forums for questions specific to Atom and Electron. For general programming questions, there are other sites such as stack exchange.

If you belive the issue is specific to Atom, you will need to provide more details. Additionally, I recommend watching this video (or getting the general vibe), so that future questions you ask will be easier to help with.