I really need some help


@simurai @simurai please help me, I can’t send any messages to you
Hello, I saw a lot of your posts on this site and I want to ask you something.
Please tell me about:
-the UI theme that you are using
-the syntax color theme that you are using
-the font used in editor and what additional settings did you make? It looks bold, but mine don’t look that way
-what is the size of the font used
-how is the text colored in the tree view on the active file/folder
-What packages are you using
Please share with me the style.less and the font that you are using
I refer to this image:

Please answer to this message, I am really interested in your workflow/setup and I really want to have it.Thank you very much.


Where is that screenshot from?


Is @simurai theme, he posted some time ago


The screenshot looks a bit outdated, but I think it’s the One Dark UI and One Dark Syntax themes. They already come bundled with Atom.

The font is probably Fira mono that can be downloaded here: https://github.com/mozilla/Fira

The colored text in the tree-view should come from the also bundled git-diff package. It shows whenever you make a change and your project uses Git.

And to make the titlebar dark, you can enable it in Atom’s settings: Core > Title Bar: custom.

Hope that helps. :bowing_man:


Plus you get that look for the diff controls in the bottom right by disabling the github package.