I really need help desperately :(


Ok so im a complete begginer starting to loose hope. I have created a simple ruby file …

puts "Hi, my name is Ruby!"
puts "What is your name?"
name = gets.chomp
puts “Hi there #{name}, great to meet you!”

if question == 'How old are you?'
puts "I’m 20 years old"

if question == 'Where do you live?'
puts "Japan"

I have downloaded scrip, atom runner, script runner, and a couple other packages but none seem to work. I want to to be able to run and let me test the code. all i get is this "

when i run it with script. Thats the start of the code but it doesnt let me communicate with it.

I have used the program rubymine where it lets you just hit run and works perfectly. I much prefer Atom but i REALLY need to figure this out for me to not give up. Any support or help will be appreciated! Thanks!


Your screenshot doesn’t show the output window. Please show us that.


Right click the image and open in new window and you can see it

Here you go though …