I never received any invites to give to others


I was invited to Atom and was about to download Atom no problem, but I never received any invites myself. Can I has invites?


I was under the impression that only GitHub staff has the ability to invite others to the beta, but I may be wrong.


I’m pretty sure I’m not a Github staff and I got three invites when I created my account.


Little did you know… https://github.com/blog/1787-victor-bjelkholm-is-a-githubber


If you got a beta invite, go to Atom.io and sign in.

At the top you should see something like this:


I got invited by somebody who’s not on github staff and my co-worker got 3 invites and we do not work at github…

I don’t see that bar at the top.


Perhaps GitHub is throttling the number of invites because Atom is exploding in popularity. :smile:


I guess people who got invited by another person don’t have invites to give. Only people who got specifically invited by GitHub have three invites to spread the love. This way GitHub could control the total reach. They will know the maximum reach would be <number of invites they sent> × 3.

Invalid Credentials after sending out 3 invites

I got invited by a non-GitHubber and I had 3 invites to give. I think GitHub probably had n invites allocated for the initial launch, and once those were exhausted, they would wait to give out more.

I suspect we’ll see another batch of invites to give in a week or so.