I need to specify file type in the content (embedded in a comment perhaps)


I sometimes get a file downloaded and launched using a local editing application, but the file extension either gets mangled, or converted to .txt (added to the end).

In VIM they had a way to deal with this, which was to look for a certain pattern in the file that could override some settings:

// vim: set ft=yacc:

Is there a way I can do this in Atom? The server I’m using insists on downloading my: code.y file as code.y.txt and then Atom does not want to load it using the correct file type.

I checked into this briefly, and I did not see a way for Atom to distinguish “.y.txt” as a different file type than “.txt”.

(Not just with .y files… also .xml.txt and .js.txt happens often)

Any comments/help to do this better? Manually switching file types is a pain…


You can use the file-types package to open files with the .y.txt extension with the correct grammar


Thanks, this can partly work.

But in some cases my filename still gets mangled to 1hj34gc9c4ncd.tmp

And it would have been helpful to have a content-embedded override.


Hmm, too bad. I don’t know if there’s a package for that yet


Maybe the file-mode package does what you need?


That’s it! Thanks! .