I need some function about mouse event


Electron version: v1.8.4
Operating system: Mac

Expected behavior

I want to make mouse’s click effects with electron and mo.js(motion graphics).
Therefore I set up below environment.

transparent: true
setIgnoreMouseEvents(true, {forward: true})
So, I think that, if I set up upper environment and use mo.js, when I click the window behind electron’s app’s window, click effect happens on electron’s app’s window.

Actual behavior

When I changed setIgnoreMouseEvents into true and forward is true, DOM’s ‘click’ event didn’t happen.
But, If I set event as ‘mouseover’, I can see mouse effects when mouse moves.
I can’t see event only when I set up ‘click’ event to addEventListner.


How can I arise click event with setIgnoreMouseEvent?

I’m sorry for bad English.

Thank you for reading this.