I need help trying to find out why a package crashes the editor

So there is a reported issue related to a package, which seems unmaintained and crashes the editor. https://github.com/snowkit/atom-haxe/issues/72

First: Yes, I’ve read the Flight manual. But I couldn’t find any crash logs. Maybe I should search at a different place. Also the editor crashes before being able to start any profiling etc.

I’m using ubuntu 16.04, but the issue is reported on other major OSes too.

I’m trying to get some traces to figure out what’s going on. The problem is that the editor crashes without any core dump or any other logs printed in the terminal, I guess because the app itself doesn’t crash but when it process the packages it creates independent process or thread which crashes and gets disposed silently. Thus the editor opens and freezes.

I’ve managed to start the DevTools, but it disconnects when the crash happens way before being able to print anything useful. Check the screenshot

I am totally new to electron app development and atom package development, so I need help so I can try to fix it faster.

In that case what can I do to get some traces from the package in the terminal? So far couldn’t find a way.
Is it possible to set a breakpoint before the packages start initializing and then walkthough the package’s initialization process? So far couldn’t find a way.

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I am on Ubuntu 16.04 and I have Haxe Compiler 3.4.7 installed. I’m not sure what package you refer to. I only have language-haxe@0.6.0 package in Atom.

General approach might be to use haXe in command line mode (i.e. divorced from Atom) then build tested commands in Atom using process-palette.

[Later edit]Looking in my HaXe folder in Atom (although not in use for some time) I see that I experimented with this example in Electron.

I am just adding some extra notes on haXe development in Atom, and refreshing my memory.

This discussion sets out some of the many advantages of haXe.

One cited disadvantage is lack of an IDE - but that is where Atom can step forward.

In there are links to haXe editors - including Atom.

My suggestion is that you disable or remove the crashing package (it is over 3 years old with health warnings) and start again using language-haxe package.

You might also consider emmet for custom snippets.

Thanks a lot d_l.

I eventually ended up using VSC with haxe extension pack. Even managed to get the “go to definition” working with some weird hack.

Anyway it would still be great if someone knows a way how to debug an atom plugin crashing at that phase.