I Need Help seeting up Github

Hi. I really want to use Github but… I ave a mild breakdown right now.
How am I supposed to do that?
I watched some Videos on youtube and it seems overly complicated for a “Build-In” Package.
One Video told me to download Git and install it, this seems odd for a “Build-In” Package.
One Video told me to get a Token from https://github.atom.io/auth/github_package/token and put it into the Github Tab of the Atom Editor… Which is Odd, because there is indeed a GithubTab, as excpected running it with an “Build-In” Package…

But it only says: " No Remotes" There is nothing where i can put the Token…

I tought its kinda easy with atom and te package and propably its just my lack of experience…

I really wanto to use it, to easyli share code from work to my home and all that.

Can anyone give me an definitiv tutorials where every step is porperly explained?

Why cant I just login with my github data and the magic works… hmm.