I need a way to manage the projects list that doesn't drive me crazy


I’m a Brackets user, I’ve used it for several years.

I’m trying to switch to Atom because it has better support for React and is much faster.
The main problem I’m facing is the lack of a folders/projects management like the one of Brackets.

For reference, in Brackets, every time I open a project, it gets added to the projects dropdown list. From there, I can easily remove unwanted projects clicking an X near the project name.

On Atom I’ve found:

  • project-manager, which forces me to maintain a projects list written in CSON.
  • projects-dropdown, which seems heavily bugged and doesn’t show the recent projects but just the ones opened.
  • project-plus, which kinda works, but isn’t always available on the top of the files three and doesn’t allow me to remove existing projects from the list

The built-in way to manage the projects in Atom seems really complicated to me.

Do you have advices?


It’s probably no surprise that there are a million different solutions. Project Viewer seems like it might be close to your desires, though it creates a second sidebar for projects, not a drop-down.


Thanks @DamnedScholar, Project Viewer is close to what I need. Having an additional sidebar it’s not that nice since it takes space and I have to toggle it every time tho…


I had an idea. Let me know if you think this fits your needs, because I think it would be pretty easy to make happen.

I think Project Manager is a great tool. Looking at that package, it seems like @danielbrodin is into developing tools that have fairly circumscribed feature sets but do those few things well. It’s very clean and tidy, but it requires a fair bit of upkeep to use. It would not be hard to develop an add-on package that takes Project Manager and adds two features to it:

  1. A context menu item that adds the selected folder as a project. This solves the circumstantial issue of project-manager only adding root folders to your projects list. As is, if you open a folder that contains multiple different projects, you might have to remove the folder and re-add sub-folders in order to get the right one(s) on your projects list. That’s tedious, but a context menu item would fix it.
  2. A button on the project drop-down to delete the selected project from the projects.cson file.

The projects.cson maintenance would then become optional. You could add or clear projects very quickly through the menus and incorporate templates or custom icons later.


Something that I have been wanting to do (and did receive a PR for, but that stopped working before I could merge it in) is an interface for editing the data that is saved, so no one would ever have to look at the projects.cson file directly. That view could also include a “remove” button.

But as I said, I haven’t had time to do it, but if someone wants to do it, a PR would make me happy :slight_smile:


My idea was something like this…