I made a dark UI theme with configurable accent colours!



My initial intention was to tweak certain styles only, but after making a ridiculous amounts of edits to an existing theme, I decided to start from scratch. The main purpose was to flatten out the colours, and use only a few base colours to style a majority of the elements, all of which is complimented by an accent colour that you can specify.

For consistency, it takes one colour and manipulates it for use in some areas.

By default, the theme overwrites the base editor background colour and gutter styles, so it works as intended with a ton of syntax themes out there. I’ve also explicitly styled a few packages out there that I find useful, namely git-control, or autocomplete-plus in conjunction with ternjs!

Any feedback is welcome, of course. I’d be happy to include styling for another package or make adjustments to the theme itself.


I feel that the tabs should only have border-bottom on active panel only. It doesn’t seem to make sense to me to have them all coloured.


Looks like a pretty nice theme. :smile:

I’m curious, though: why does this show up as a package and not a theme?


Oh, odd! It looks like you can link to packages and themes interchangeably, for example both atom.io/themes/accents-ui and atom.io/packages/accents-ui seems to work just the same :neutral_face:


Interesting! I just tried it with my theme, too, and you’re right.

The More You Know™ :stars: