I know it is a huge ask, but anything like Visual Assist in the works?


Hi community,

I have moved from Visual Studio Code to Atom and am happy I did so. My question is that does anybody know of a package similar to Visual Assist that is of course used for Visual Studio? I’ve categorized this under features just in case it might be something in demand enough to have it as one of Atom’s core features.

This editor is really great. Fantastic job!


Visual Assist isn’t simply one feature, it is a collection of features and utilities including autocomplete, automated refactoring, code generation and more.

People have already built various autocomplete packages for different libraries, frameworks and other stuff. I haven’t seen any automated refactoring or code generation tools (other than things like package-generator), but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t being considered or worked on.


Thank you so much for your answer. I knew it was asking a lot, but just wanted to see if there were even plans for an addition as extensive as this. Regardless, if any editor is likely to have anything close I guess it would be Atom.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll give them a go.