I have to install shell commands every time I want to open Atom using iTerm2?

I have open atom using the GUI then install shell commands, then open iTerm2 before doing the below:

cd documents/github/imageCarousel

atom .

Obviously using terminal is pointless if I have to use GUI first.

Where have I gone wrong.

I believe Atom is in my applications folder.

Would be very helpful if someone could help fix my problem and then also list how to unistall and completely start again.

I’ve read lots of other posts but no solution yet.


Here’s how to completely uninstall Atom for Mac.

Once you’ve installed shell commands, try running which atom and ls -l /usr/local/bin/atom (or whatever path which kicks back, but that should be right). If your experience matches this user, then Atom is not in Applications and it’s failing because you’re running into the security feature App Translocation.

In the future, please identify your operating system in the first post. It is not a guarantee that whomever answers you will know enough to know when the names you’re using are Mac-specific.