I had some problems with the "Add a Key Binding" section of the Create Your First Package tutorial


I would like to inform the Atom development team of three problems in the tutorial here, in the “Add a Key Binding” section:

  1. Most importantly, it tells me to put atom-text-editor on the first line, which does not work. However, using .workspace instead works.

  2. It tells me in a paragraph to enter ctrl-alt-a, but the example text reads cmd-alt-a instead.

  3. It tells me that after deleting the existing key binding will leave me with a two-line file, which is not true because of the default comments at the top of the file.


If you’re interested, most of the documentation on the website is part of the Atom Core repository. Specifically the Create Your First Package tutorial is at docs/your-first-package.md. All of the code and documentation is open source (MIT licensed) and you’re more than welcome to submit Pull Requests with corrections, additions, improvements, etc :grinning:


Thanks, I made a pull request with some fixes here.