I don't know what did I do!


Hey everyone,

I really don’t know what did I do. I tried to download python 3, I was using python 2 but was not there this problem then I download and delete the same packets then this happened :frowning:
when I turn on python this warning is coming and I have the"pylama" and “linter”



Do I have to uninstall atom? I really need your help


I have a similar problem after installing linter I think its related to yours, so your problem does not seem to be python but linter. I am currently trying to fix this for myself…


The FAQ has information on how to contact the maintainers of any Atom package or theme:


Hey leedohm, thank you try to help, but I don’t know what is exactly the problem, so in brief, I downloaded python3x I had 2x version then I was searching Atom python which python version can I use in Atom then I install and Uninstall some Atom packages then this happened. I remember Pylama, Pylint and I think 1 or 2 more packages also now when I turn on Atom or python language in Atom that it show me Pylama and Pylint warning but I don’t know exactly problem Is!


Hey @FrankenApps
Did you issue any discussion about your problem? I’m still waiting for any information!


Well I have deleted the linter folder, it is in ->C:\Users\YourUsername.atom\packages and now it works. Note that .atom is a hidden folder so tell your explorer to look for hidden files.
I do not know where to find that folder on OSX however.