I can't seem to find out - how do apps such as Messenger and Discord manage to hide their database details and keep their account system safe?

So, I wouldn’t call myself an experienced programmer yet, so I still can’t understand how is this magic trick done. As far as I know, Electron does not hide your source code - anyone can get their hands on it. How do these big companies manage to keep themselves and their users safe? The only thing that comes to my mind is some kind of a request to their servers that validate the user’s input and retrieve the needed information for their session. But even with that concept in my head, I’m not sure with what exactly can it be done.

Hmm… well, Chromium and Firefox are totally open-source browsers (Electron is based off of parts of Chromium) and they are each able to securely authenticate with various servers/websites. I don’t know the particular details about Discord/Slack/etc.

I don’t understand what you mean by “keeping their users safe”. There’s nothing that “hiding source code” can do to keep whatever data safe.

Most companies do obfuscate / minify code, but it’s by no means to make things “safer” - just to be smaller. Most companies, if not all, that have somekind of “login/password” need to authenticate against a server, so that’s how you don’t expose user’s data on the source, but this is true to any programming language :slight_smile:

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