I can't rename a theme



I published a theme yesterday: https://atom.io/themes/panic-palette
But today a renamed a git repo and the package name in package.json, change the git remote repo to new https://github.com/rodrigoteobaldo/panic-palette-syntax. Then now when i try publish the package using apm publish --rename panic-palette-syntax, the apm create a tag, but give a error:
Creating new version failed: Application error

Now i cant publish a new version of my package and cant unpublish old package because i dont have permission to do that.

What can i do?

"Creating new version failed: Git tag not found" after changing user

I’m pretty sure if you rename the GitHub repo back that you’ll get access back and can then rename the package.

@thedaniel is the expert on this though.


atom.io doesn’t handle renamed users and repos well at the moment, i will fix the record for that package in the db so you can still access it.


Also, your current package.json needs to have its repository field updated as well.


Can you unpublish/remove this 2 packages?

I just can’t unpublish neither one.

I will publish again in new fresh package.