I can't manage with bottom dock. Something wrong? Help me please


Docks is an extension of Atom’s pane systemDocks is an excellent extension of Atom’s pane system. What a pity it not works well on my desktop computer. On laptop - OK. Linux Debian Stretch (on both).
video: 30 sec



YouTube says that the video is available.


Thank you for the communication. Now YouTube says OK and video really available.
video: 30 sec


I figured out what the issue is.

  1. Atom’s docks don’t actually give you an arrow unless you have a package that uses that particular dock. You can disable the tree-view or github packages to test this.
  2. The Gulp package you’re using is not using Atom’s bottom dock. It is using a package called bottom-dock that’s much older than Atom’s docks.


I dig into the problem and understood something wrong happened while dragging the special tabs (for example, linter) down.

The tree-view, github and Gulp (with bottom-dock) packages in this situation work fine.

You can see this:

video: 49 sec