I cant delete atom

Im trying to delete atom and i cant seem to do it,
ive looked at many tutorials but none seem to have my problem
when im trying to delete the AppData\Roaming & local files but,
it says that the program is runningCapture
i’ve looked at the backround proceses and ive closed all my windows but it still wown’t let me
just to add im on windows 10

I have had problems deleting certain programs in the past on my Windows 7 PC with that same reponse, also with “you need administrator permissions” and since I am the only one who uses my computer since I bought it, I am the administrator, but what I had to do was to go into the programs folders and find the correct folder, and since it wouldn’t delete the whole program, I opened it and deleted one file at a time lol. That always worked, but I am not positive about your being on Windows 10, it might be worth a try. 12/2/2020