I cant commit/push project from atom (with bitbucket)?


how to do this if you can teach someone, please, how do I set up repository for the project open in atom and how do I commit / push in a private bitbucket repository

Thks guys!



As far as I know, atom does not currently support actually interacting with git - strangely, it does show git information about the current file at the bottom of the window, but I haven’t found a way to actually commit/push/pull/branch/whatever in atom. Guess this will be coming in the future?



I do not know if it helps you, but I found this package, which in my case did not help because by the way only works on the mac version, I’m using ubuntu in the atom.

was particularly thrilled with the atom because they thought he would come with this by default: (



The Atom team has stated that they are specifically not planning to add more support for Git functions into Atom:

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