I can't clone an existing private GitHub repository correctly in a fresh Atom installation

Hi there!

I’ve been using Atom and GitHub to develop a project of mine, and it’s worked a treat so far! I’ve purchased another windows 10 PC, and I want to set it up with Atom so I can just pull down the project and my work so far and continue developing my project. Unfortunately, I can’t get Atom on the new PC to clone my GitHub project correctly at all!

Steps to reproduce my issue:

  1. On clean Windows 10 installation
  2. Download atom from website (v1.44 as I type this)
  3. Launch Atom, open the GitHub tab.
  4. GitHub tab gives 2 options: “create a new GitHub repository …” and “clone an existing GitHub repository”. Choose the second option.
  5. Open GitHub in my web browser, then navigate to the project I want to clone to Atom.
  6. Click “clone or download” green button, then copy the URL: (https://github.com/Novocastrian/My-Redacted-Private-Project.git)
  7. Paste the URL into the “clone from” field in Atom. Leave the “to directory” field as the default setting (C:/users/mylocalprofile/github/My-Redacted-Private-Project). Note: the GitHub folder in this directory doesn’t exist.
  8. Click the “Clone” button. Atom takes a moment to process the clone.
  9. Atom opens the “project” tab, which contains the “My-Redacted-Private-Project” project folder. This contains the hidden .git folder and nothing else.
  10. The Github tab now asks me to log in. Click login, generate and paste the authentication token and log in.
  11. It logs in, but doesn’t load any branches for me to select (master and development, in my case). How do I fix this?

I’m having the same issue, problem persists after a re-installation of Atom. This problem does not occur on my Macbook Pro.


Not sure if you are still having this problem or not but I was having the same issue and the solution I found was to use your username and password in the url.

e.g. https://yourUserName:yourPassword@github.com/yourRepo

I know it’s an old thread but it might help out someone else who comes across the same issue.