I cannot use any of the custom command prompt commands for atom


I didn’t use the chocolatey installer i used the new windows installer. I am using windows 8.1. I would love some help.


That’s weird. The normal windows uninstall has worked for me before on 8.1. Does it finish normally? Maybe re-install and then uninstall?

If the menu association is uninstalled then you could just delete everything in ~/.atom and ~/appdata/local/atom. (This is from memory. I don’t use windows since a week ago {yippee}.)


In %localappdata%\atom you should find a bin folder with atom.cmd in it.

atom.cmd runs the latest Atom version and gives you the full atom command line experience. Alias it to atom in your shell of choice

If your bin directory is missing let me know and I can give you the powershell profile I use which works out the latest version by itself.


I was able to fix the problem just by running Atom in compatibility mode for windows 8. Windows 8.1 seems to have problems with it.


Was that the install? or the normal atom process?