I can use the command line in Atom now!


I found a package for doing shell commands. Now I don’t have to fool around with multiple windows.

Check it out https://atom.io/packages/terminal-panel.


It’s a little buggy though. Sometimes it locks up and you have to kill it like when you use git push origin master.


I can also use the terminal, but I use the ‘term2’ package. I also keep Quantum Shell installed for the ‘atom’ built in. Anyone got a replacement for that?


Well, there are some limitations to the way the package works. Usually when it “hangs”, a process expects your input, but since that’s impossible, it’s basically stuck at that point. Would be nice if we would be able to catch such situations, but alas nothing is easy.

… this just uses exec to run whatever you input, hence the lack of interactive shell niceties …

However, if you understand what it can’t do, it’s reliable. It’s super nice to be able to do stuff like npm install, grunt, etc. inside Atom.


Oh yeah I’m still using it for one liners no pun intended.


If you want an interactive shell and can use native extensions, give https://atom.io/packages/term2 a look. Works with irb just fine, so I’m sure any hanging issues would be resolved.