I can not add snippets, writes a directory error, or something like that

  1. Hello, please tell me when I try to add a snippet, as stated in the recommendation. Here’s what they write to me: Failed to load snippets from 'C: \ Users \ Andrew.atom \ snippets.xson
    C: \ Users \ Andrew \ .atom \ snippets.cson: missing / (unclosed regex)
    How can I fix this problem?

  2. And how many snippets can I add to this file? And for what kind of code.


Can you copy and paste your snippets file so we can take a look?

I don’t think there’s any particular limit - I also haven’t come across any particular reports about performance issues with a large amount of snippets though that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be a problem with a massive number of snippets.

And snippets can be used for the language you choose as detailed here:


So you can have snippets for Ruby, JavaScript, and Markdown in your snippets file if you want.