I can expand select but not option


Hi I love using Atom, I am writting some html code and when i write select and press tab it expands and gives me some code, but when I write option and press tab nothing happens, I even tested installing emmet and same thing happens. Why is it not expanding into code?


If you need a snippet that isn’t already defined, you can add it. My snippets.cson includes the following:

    prefix: 'form'
    body: """
      <form class="$1" action="index.html" method="post">
    prefix: 'select'
    body: """
      <select class="$1" name="$2">
        <option value="$3">$3</option>
        <option value="$4">$5</option>
        <option value="$6">$7</option>
    prefix: 'option'
    body: '<option value="$1">$2</option>'