I am not a coder please SOS firebase websockets realtime app


I’m trying to create a real time app with firebase. Um idk what I’m doing. Who will help?

basically, i’m trying to make a bot that will take questions from the live broadcasted app HQ Trivia and google them and return the answers to those questions.

It’s been done time and time again. An example of a former site that has done this is https://hquack.neocities.org/

I just am not a coder but if you view the page source i am sure it’ll be pretty easy to replicat e.


If you’re not a coder, you’re going to have to learn.


well yes, and i’m not entirely clueless, I just need guidance on how to put this all together. I have basically the code i just dont know how to get the mobile app to sync with the realtime app?

i mean if you look at the website’s page source code im sure you could recreate it in 3 minutes.


Both would be sending constant requests for updates to your Firebase server.

i mean if you look at the website’s page source code im sure you could recreate it in 3 minutes.

Most certainly not. It doesn’t go that fast when solving a novel problem, and you haven’t provided any server code, just a site with some display code.


well do you know how to go about doing a project like this?


I know the general principles. Fortunately for you, modern web development tools in JavaScript, Python, and Ruby (though I don’t use Ruby, so I’m not qualified to say anything about it) have made it much easier for individuals and hobbyists to use the best architectural practices. You want to research Firebase (if that’s the backend you want to use) and microservices. The latter subject is pretty complicated, so I’ll start you off with a story that will give you the basic structure on which to build an understanding of microservices.

Think about your standard editing software. It has a function to read from its data source (wherever that is), a function to write to the data source, and functions to change the content. As a piece of software on your computer, all of these functions can exist in the same package. You’re generally only telling it to process one file at a time. However, if you put your software on a web site, it stops making sense to have all of those functions in one place. Developers use tools like Firebase to hold their reading and writing functions in one place. They can then write their web app code with a function to make requests to the Firebase. This allows a single backend process to respond to the requests from many frontend users and this is the basic use of modular web services.


thanks for trying to help but i just dont know how.


Isn’t that why you came here? To learn?


Yes but this is way too confusing. I mean that didn’t really give me a next step.


I did give you a next step. I said, “go research these things”. If you want to develop the thing you have described, you will need to educate yourself on the broad concepts before you get started developing the architecture of your app. If you don’t have a JavaScript background, you’ll have to learn the language, as well.