I am New to Atom, Please help with Installation and apm


Hello, I got to know about Atom today and I am in love with it. But I have some doubts and getting some issues, it would be nice if someone help me.

I downloaded the Atom Windows Installer and Atom got installed in AppData > Local > atom, I am a bit confused… why it didn’t got installed in Program files? Because AppData means to be temp folder right?

Atom Windows installer didn’t create any shortcuts (neither in start menu nor on desktop even after installing as administrator)

apm is not working in command pallette? when I type apm install, it says no match found, what might be the issue?

BTW I am using Windows 8.1

Please help me with these points.

Thanks in advance…


Atom uses the squirrel installer and this is how it works. Many people including me don’t care for squirrel. I posted a long issue on the squirrel repo. When I used Atom in windows I created my own shortcuts.

Apm is an application, not an atom command. You use it in the windows command-line. It uses npm internally. Atom packages are structured the same as npm packages. Type apm help. But most things you can do in apm can also be done in settings.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your notes, even I searched through my PC for Atom.exe and created shortcuts.

But the ultimate goal of installers is to make the software accessible easily. Hope Atom developers takes this issue seriously. It would be nice if it installs in Program files.

Mark can you please explain how to enable apm step by step :blush: ?

Thanks once again!


After installation you should be able to use apm on the command line, as @mark_hahn suggested, for example:

Running this this on command line should work, if atom works already.

If, for some weird reason, you get a command not found error, you might have to add the following folder to your PATH environment variable:

You can find your PATH variable under Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings:

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Hi batjko,

Thanks for your help,

ya I got the same information with apm -v command in command prompt.

I added atom bin folder path to path variable in system variables and restarted the PC but still apm install is not working in Atom.

Do I need to install any additional software like node.js?

Thank you


If you get the same output, that means apm is installed just fine.

Atom ships with its own node, so that should not be necessary.

Can you give us some more information as to what errors you’re getting when you install something with apm (I assume you’re trying to install a particular package?).


Hi batjko,

Well, I just got to know that apm only works in command prompt, I thought we can also use apm command in Atom command pallette as we do in Sublime Text editor.

Thank you :relaxed:


Ah I see the confusion.

When you install a package from within Atom (Settings -> Install), then under the hood Atom is using apm to do it. You don’t have to do anything else.
It’s your choice whether to use the GUI in atom, or apm on the command line.

apm is also used for publishing and updating packages by those who write them, but if all you want is installing packages, you’re all set :thumbsup: