Huge performance issue on Electron1.3.x+ [Chrome 52+]


Hello guys

We have large scale application. Where we do some very complex operation X.
But with the latest Electron the operation takes insane amount of time around 6 minutes instead of 16 seconds.

Tests - the same source code, the operation X takes:
1.2.3 - 0:16 [chrome 51]
1.3.10 - 2:50 [chrome 52]
1.4.7 - 6:00 [chrome 53]

The test were repeated several times.

I wanted to ask if anyone have the same experience? I don’t know if the issue is caused by Electron itself, used Chrome version in Electron or new NodeJS version in Electron.

Unfortunately I don’t have any example code, I am trying to pin-point something using profiler but so far it seems like most of the functions are simply several times slower.

I am aware of this Chromium bug but it was there from the version 43 so ti should not be difference between Chrome 51/52 .


FYI all of this was caused by the Chrome bugs. Everything is fixed in Electron 1.6 where chrome 56 is used.