Huge memory leak recently


I am trying to fing out which package is causing memory leak. After i did Update All Packages , ATOM is leaking huge memory.
I was opening a project with only 6 files and a folder with less then 20 files total. All together < 1 MB (only 2 opened tabs).

But atom is using over 4 GB of RAM.

with --safe atom use 500 MB max .

After a few disabling packages around , it seems that Auto-Complete-Plus or Auto-Complete-Plus-Python-Jedi is causing it.

Any guide to find out where the leak ?


+1 also seeing this issue. I also noticed that the longer atom has been open for, the more total memory that is being used. Even with 16GB of RAM if I have Atom open for long enough I get a popup that says my computer is out of memory, suspends all applications, and forces me to force quit applications before being able to resume normal usage.,


You should submit an issue on that repo.


I know , i want to make sure where it comes from.


Yes , from looking at htop , it jumping about 2-3 mb every 1 seconds.
Then after 30 mins , my linux start swapping.


If you have narrowed it down to those two packages it is likely to be very difficult to determine which package is causing the issue. For example:

  1. If you disable the python-jedi package and the issue goes away, it could be that the memory leak is in the autocomplete-plus package and the python-jedi package is the only thing that exposes it.
  2. If you disable the autocomplete-plus package and the issue goes away, it could be that the only way that the python-jedi package does executes the leaking code is when the autocomplete-plus package is activated.

You should post an issue on the autocomplete-plus-python-jedi package and then work with them to help them narrow it down.


I am looking for tools , and tried to pin point.So Far i’ve tried Running profiler, but it crashed due to insufficient memory LOL.
Ok i will just do that good-old , manual way Thanks.


Do you have atom-complete-plus and auto-complete-plus-python installed?


Seems that auto-complete-plus is causing. opening issue there too.
The memory usage keep increasing altough autocomplete-plus-python-jedi is disabled.
After disabling autocomplete-plus totally , it stopped increasing.


Problem is , there are still alot of ACP Providers i have installed , and i do not have time now to test them all to make sure. If someone in same boat with me , please test and also report here :


yes, not autocomplete-plus-python though. i turned off the “look through all buffers” setting for now and it seems to have helped a little bit.


Seems that HTML or CSS providers are causing it. Disabling them stops Memory increase. ACP itself is fine.