HTML5 Project templates


I’m new to atom and I’m loving it so far. I’ve been looking for a package that will create a new html5 project with, say, a skeleton index.html that loads jQuery and directories for images, Coffeescript, Less, and whatever else is needed to facilitate development, testing, and deployment using those tools.

I found one package, atom-html5-boilerplate, that looked like it might possibly be useful, but apm says its not compatible with the current version of atom.

What’s the best way to accomplish this in atom?



I can help you with:

a skeleton index.html

Create an empty HTML-file, then type html and press TAB. This will generate a skeleton HTML-file. You can also write your own snippets, so you can generate any skeleton you like.


Thanks, nylki. I had not yet looked into Snippets. Very flexible and, as you pointed out, many common abbreviations are already defined.

The bigger part of my question, that I should have phrased more carefully, has to do with automatically creating a well-structured project directory. That doesn’t have to happen from within atom. I can easily write a simple shell script with mkdir and cp -R to copy from a template directory. So permit me to restate the question.

For a web project built with HTML5+CoffeeScript+Less+jQuery:

  • What does a best-practice directory structure look like?
  • What atom and npm packages are recommended?

I realize that this is a subjective question of the kind that would quickly get closed on StackOverflow. Hope that’s ok here. I’m definitely not looking to start a religious argument, just looking for some useful recommendations.