HTML with embedded links?


Hi there,
I Know this is a very noob question… I’m not a web developer or Electron expert. I’m admin system and Powershell is “only” my best friend :wink:

I try to make an very small kiosk apps for my users with PC touch screen.
The goal is to have a web page with some links to internal and external web sites.
For that i’ve make a simple HTML web page. Easy but I want to limite the UI interface. For that Electron is perfect!
So with Electron I’ve make my app. -> The main page open correctly with no “file” menu in full screen. Perfect, but when I open a links on this page it’s opened windowed with a file menu (and file exit quit the apps totally.)
I’dont understand how why the links do not heritate the same config as the primary page ?
How can I do that ?

Here is the main.js file :

const electron = require('electron');
const { shell, app, BrowserWindow } = electron;

let mainWindow;

app.on('ready', () => {
    window = new BrowserWindow({
titleBarStyle: 'customButtonsOnHover', frame: true,
        width: 1200,
        height: 900,
        webPreferences: {
          nodeIntegration: false
    window.on('closed', () => {
        window = null;


I can share a simple HTML file if necessary :slight_smile:
Many thanks guys!