Html title attribute doesn't work

<div title="TEST">test</div>

Doesn’t seems to work for me. Looks like title attribute is totaly ignored, there are no tooltip. Are there any underwater rocks?

How it should work. (8mb gif)
How it’s not working for me now. (8mb gif)


It’s probably your theme because it’s working on my end:


Looks like, i should have been more specific, and “atom-shell” tag is not enough.
What im talkin about is W3C standard tooltip for html tags with title attribute.
And there are no title attribute tooltips on tags (tested div img) for Atom-shell runed apps, and for Atom editor too.
What i’ve expected to see is this something like this:


I still don’t get your question, when and how it doesn’t work?


Okay, i’ll try to be even more specific.
How it should work. (8mb gif)
How it not working now for me. (8mb gif)

Body tag and Atom is just an examples. Tooltip is not shown in any atom-shell app on any tag i tested.


It works for me, I tested on the body tag and on other divs. Are you on the latest version?


I’m feeling a little stupid now. Forgot to test it in Linux VM. And it works in Linux.
Anyway, problem persists in my 2 different Windows8 systems and Windows7 VM.
Tested - latest Atom and Atom-Shell (both are atom-shell: “0.19.1”) distributions from the official site.

Could someone with Windows 7+ check it on their systems too?


The title attribute doesn’t work for me too on Win 7 64 bits.