HTML tab Doctype need help


I’m not finding any capable way of showing DOCTYPE…
I type in HTML TAB and i just tabs over.
Can anyone help me out?


Is this a question about Atom or Electron?


Atom. The question is about Atom.


The autocomplete provider for HTML does not appear to include a snippet for doctype declarations. If you would like to use a snippet for that, there are instructions here for defining your own.


It sounds like you’re having problems with snippets expanding. First, almost all snippets only work when a specific grammar is active. The html snippet only applies when the HTML grammar is active in a file. If you’re creating a new file, here’s a flow that will work:

  1. Open a new file using Cmd+N on macOS or Ctrl+N on other platforms
  2. Change the grammar to HTML by clicking the Grammar Selector on the right side of the status bar where it says “Plain Text”
  3. Type html and press Tab


Yeah! Thanks! That seemed to fix it for me!