HTML preview not working!


It keeps crashing on me! I really want to code but I’m new to it so I constantly need to see what is happening. And once I load up html preview it works for like 10 seconds than crashes the whole Atom program. I just want a fix! THANKS.


There’s not a package just called html-preview. Do you mean atom-html-preview? Does Atom crash in the same way no matter which HTML file you’re trying to look at? What version of Atom are you on?


yes atom-html-preview, no anytime I just turn on html preview with any html file it crashes. I believe I’m on the latest version as I only downloaded Atom a couple of days ago.


How would you check this? Most programs have their version numbers in a menu called About or Help. You can also open the command line and type atom -v.

Hmm. When I download and attempt to use that package, it doesn’t seem to do anything at all. I can’t get a view to appear.


All you have to do is click “About” and it will tell you if you are up to date, it says I’am but it’s still crashing when I launch the html-preview.


Not what I meant. When you’re trying to troubleshoot, “the latest version” isn’t as helpful as providing the number. There are two different Atom update tracks, stable and beta. Of those, the latest version changes every so often, so someone looking at this thread two months down the line will have a different idea of what the latest version is. Additionally, people who use Atom on Linux download it from a third-party repository, which might not be perfectly up-to-date with the current release.


So your asking for the version number? If so it is Version 1.22.0.


I’m also making sure that you’re familiar with it, because it’s relevant when you’re trying to find the cause of an apparent bug.