HTML no longer highlighting corresponding HTML syntax when selected


Hi there,

In HTML files, Atom used to highlight corresponding HTML elements when you selected them straight out of the box.

If I had the below element:

Then I could click on the first
tag with my mouse and then the end
tag would highlight blue underneath.

For some reason this has stopped working. Is there a way to get this working again, as I used it all the time.


Hi guys,

Just wanted to share with the community that this issue seems to be widespread. I am experiencing the same issue/change in how ATOM no longer highlights HTML syntax (i.e. DIVS, SPANS, etc.).

This started happening earlier this week. Not sure if ATOM on my end was automatically updated, but v.1.32.0 is installed on my machine.

Here are the things that I have tried when troubleshooting this issue, but have not been able to resolve:

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the BRACKET-MATCHER package
  • Switching between different themes
  • Trying other related (dependent) packages

Not sure if this is an actual issue or not, which is why I’m starting with this discussion board before elevating it to the issue repository on Github.


Yeah, I noticed this issue with the update to v.1.32.0 also. Unsure what the cause is.



The Tree Sitter Parser is at fault here.

Doing the following:

  • Toggle the Tree Sitter Parser selection in the configuration.
    (see: Error with syntax colouring)

  • Restart Atom
    (close window & open new session)

The result is as follows:
*Figure 1: Not using Tree Sitter Parser; bracket-matching is working.

*Figure 2: Using Tree Sitter Parser; bracket-matching not working.

Though not shown very well in the second picture, in both cases the cursor is on <head>. Notice that the scope of these are different.

So the quick fix is to deactivate the Tree Sitter Parser that has been switched on by default following the release of Atom V1.32. Long term game: the HTML language require some detailing.


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I had the same problem and your suggestion solved it. Thanks a lot!


Awesome! Thanks danPadric! That worked a treat!


@lukeBennett, @tabish89, @gccallie ->
Do you guys want to try the tree sitter parser in the newly released Atom V1.32.1?
A very quick test suggests that this topic is under control.


Aw damnit I was wondering what was going on. At least I know it’s not just me


Thought I was going crazy, thanks for the quick fix.


I have retested this. And it’s all good now! Thanks so much :grin:


This has been bugging me for quite a while. Fixed it with your suggestion. Thank you!!!