HTML <-> Markdown converter


Hi there. Please recommend a good plugin to converting markdown <-> html. Yes, I use the package search, but results isn’t relevant to me. :neutral_face:


The built-in markdown-preview package allows you to preview the Markdown you’ve written as HTML and then save the HTML version.


It works, very thanks!


If you need more conversions from lots of file formats, you can use too the Pandoc program. It’s a document converter, you can convert from markdown to html, html to markdown, to odt, to doc… It’s an amazing software.

#5 is also can generate and preview HTML.


Hi, So how do we save a .html file?

I can see the markdown preview in the side pane (using the built-in markdown-preview package presumably), but i don’t know how to build the current .md file into a .html file.

(note: markdown-preview plugin has no readme).


Check out pandoc-convert.