Html debbuger



Please help, few weeks ago I installed something that checked html code just like php-ide checks php.
Now I cant find it, tested everything what ends ***-ide… nothing works. Thank you very much.


You can open the command line and type apm ls to get a list of all packages you have installed. Please copy that and paste it here, then highlight it and press the </> button above the editor.


Hi soory but this does not help, becouse I have a new installation of Atom.


Okay. That’s important information that you should have included in your first post.

As you can see, there’s no Language Server Protocol package for HTML, which suggests that if you installed a code checker for HTML, what you got was a linter package. Was it linter-tidy?


Soory…for not complete information.

I installed tidy but this error show up.

[Linter] Error running tidy Error: Failed to spawn command tidy. Make sure tidy is installed and on your PATH
at C:\Users\lucas.atom\packages\linter-tidy\node_modules\atom-linter\lib\helpers.js:102:24

File is there. .

Thank you very much


What happens when you open the command line and run tidy -help?


Not recognized, but I did not find tidy for windows… just for linux. if I understand right


According to the build instructions, you can build it for Windows.