HTML / CSS property completion like in Dreamweaver?


Hello to everyone!

I really really love using ATOM, but I wanted to know if there is such a thing as the auto-completion in Dreamweaver for example?

When I write " id= " and hit enter in Dreamweaver, while selecting the id property from the shown dropdown menu I get id=" " automatically waiting for me to fill in the id. Can I achieve the same effect in ATOM with some of the auto-completion packages?

Thanks in advance!

---------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT --------------------------------------------------------------------

I have found this , and it works almost exactly like I want it to. But is there a package with the remaining property autocompletion for all other tags? Like <a href="… , and etc. ?


Well there is autocomplete plus(install this first) with html provider.


And css provider.


That one is great, but selector-to-tag was just released and is even better.


Wow I love that package! It’s all the features of Emmet I actually used, without all the stuff that messed with my Atom! Thanks for sharing :smile: