how do i get css and javascript working on atom? i dont know how to get css file either so im bit stuck,beginner. html i can write ok but now i need to add to same list css and javascript. do i need some packages? hope you can help,thank you.


Atom doesn’t have anything to do with getting CSS and JavaScript working. They’re just text, you can write them in any editor, and if the text is correct, the browser will behave as you tell it to.


Hi,can you tel me please what’s missing from my code…,i can’t see what is…(help a beginner)

html structure
Click me


The link you posted doesn’t go anywhere.


i know, it is a normal button that i had to write the code for a classroom but is missing something from the code and i can’t tell what it is…,can you write a example code for a normal button in html for me please or point me in the right direction .Thank you!


Look at your post. There’s nothing there for me to look at. Apparently you posted raw HTML code without telling the forum that it was code. You should repost it, highlight all of the code, and press the </> button above the editor.


yes but how i can change that,i cant get right symbols to write css? i know what to write but i cant get any right symbols? Yes i thought it will or should be like just write but problem is how? so what i need to do to change html symbols to css symbols.thank you.when i know that im pretty fine


When you say “symbols”, what do you mean? The only symbols you need to write CSS are #.{}():;!, which are available on any keyboard.


that 3 and 4 symbols from right i couldnt find in my keyboard anywhere,i have mac. i found that when i was using chrome browser but in atom keyboard didnt work same way so i know this is bit stupid but have to start from somewhere


What, ) and :?

Your keyboard layout is generally determined by where in the world you are. Sometimes they have different punctuation. Can you share a photo of it?


no worries i got it now,80% my fuckup and 20% apples,but yes thank you for your help and i hope this will start to go better this coding thing. have a great weekend